The Original Chocolate GoldJesus ®

Basic idea

Our society is traditionally based on values usually named "Christian". Today however, our communities consist of members of very different world views, religions and denominations, all of which are to be not only tolerated but also respected.

According to representative polls however, the Christian religion is still regarded as "guiding" by a majority of people. The values taught and lived by Jesus - love, solidarity, responsibility, credibility, sincerity, hard work and honesty remain the corner stone of living together, not only in our society. Despite the fact that a number of different groups grant these values only to Christians, they have existed long before and in parallel to the advent of Christianity and thus they are no inventions of Christianity itself.

During recent decades however, a rising number of people have complained about a decline of these important values.

The Original Chocolate GoldJesus ®

With the production and the distribution of biblical figures, motives and symbols made of chocolate, we aim to recollect the values exemplified and taught by Jesus, we try to do our part in anchoring these values in our society again.

We also want the people to understand that the actual, historical human Jesus was a passionate and brave person who respected the individual higher than the letters of the law and sided with the weak and suppressed over and over.

Jesus was a true revolutionary, more than anyone in the last century.

Minden / Duisburg, Germany, October 2008
Arne Homborg – Frank S. Oynhausen