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Every day we get post and e-mails from all over the world. Here are some of them:

... you have the opportunity to bring back the true meaning of Christ-Mas ...
Pedro L., Mexico

I love it! Great idea.
John T., USA

I came across your site on yahoo news and just wanted to say, i think this is a fantastic thing for you to do.
I can remember a time when every store displayed the nativity, every
child attended mass and every school taught of christmas without santa
or his 'helpers' .
Now i see my children are band from singing 'religious' christmas songs
at school (for fear of offending any non christian parent) wise men are
stored in garages so our streets can be lit by reindeers, sleighs and
elves and It is a miracle that any child would hear the name Jesus
outside his/her home.
Be thankful to your critics, their complaints have brought your story to
a generation with no knowledge of Christmas, for every person who reads
the articles five will hear and debate the true meaning of christmas,
this is a seed that will grow where needed most!
Well done.

R., Australia

I just want to say that I completely respect what you are
doing and I love the idea you have come up with to "Put Christ back into
Christmas". I feel the world is in dire need of their Saviour in today's
day and age and what you are doing, in your own small way brings Christ
to the masses and teaches them where the Heart of Christmas actually
lies. Thanks and Warm Regards.

Dean F., India

Great idea - this needed to be done a long time ago! Please let us know when you start shipping to the USA.
Wolfgang M., USA

Hello! I just found your website and I just love the chocolate jesus!!
I was wondering - is there anywhere in Sweden I can buy them? Do you
have any plans of selling jesus in Sweden at all, if it´s not
available? Best regards and a merry christmas.

Sara, Sweden

I think that your idea is great - don't let the church's dull your
enthusiasm. Jesus has a light heart - it's sad that the church does
“ Lisa, USA

oi, tudo bem, pode enviar chocolate desse para o brazil, gostei da
ideia. é saboroso, entre em contato. abraços.
“ D., Brazil