The Original Chocolate GoldJesus ®

JesusJESUS or Santa Claus?
A true Christmas story!

Once upon a time not long ago, in a small town, a nativity scene was built up in church, like every year.

As it was a local tradition, it was built by the children. The nativity scene was the pride of the small village; a beautiful, antique piece of art with figures made only of the finest china. A rare and extremely valuable nativity scene. However, this year everything came different....

A single moment of inattentiveness, a wrong step and Jesus was broken. Shattered in a thousand pieces! The room became deadly silent. What now? Without Jesus, no nativity scene and without the nativity scene, Christmas was absolutely inconceivable in this village. Suddenly, one child had an idea. It ran home and returned as fast as it could, completely excited. In its hand it carried an object about the size of the original broken Jesus - a Santa Claus. A Santa Claus made of chocolate, packed in bright aluminium foil so nicely! "If we lay Santa Claus into the cradle, instead of Jesus," said the child, “and if we covered him with some straw, he wouldn't strike out at all and no one would notice that the original Jesus had broken." Hence, Jesus was replaced with Santa Claus.

This Christmas story has no happy ending though. Everybody noticed it, of course. It struck everybody immediately. Everybody who attended that Christmas Maas had seen it. The fact that there was no Jesus in the cradle could not be ignored. Therefore, this year's Christmas did not feel proper, not real to the community.

No Santa Claus, especially no chocolate Santa Claus, could ever substitute for Jesus. The child in the cradle is not interchangeable with Santa Claus. The villagers had a keen sense and at least at this point, they grasped the true value of Jesus for Christmas and were worried that Christmas would lose its real meaning. Everybody asked himself how the child could possibly have come up with the absurd idea of replacing Jesus by Santa Claus. This was an inconceivable thought. Despite, the child did not understand the world any more. It had only done what was already usual everywhere:

In our time, Santa Claus has replaced Jesus for most people. Unfortunately!

From today on, however, the "Original Chocolate GoldJesus ®" is being made to change this!